Private taxi transfer service

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Private taxi transfer service


TaxiPozzallo.com Hassle free transfer taxi company ?

TaxiPozzallo.com offers a service dedicated hotel shuttle service from and to Catania and Comiso airports to hotels and tourist villages on the south-eastern Sicilian coast. The exclusive service is reserved for those arriving in Sicily and needing a reliable and comfortable transfer service to your accommodation.

In addition, our shuttle service allows you to reach the best location throughout the Sicilian territory such as the “iGV club Marispica”, “iGV Baia Samuele”, “Voi hotels Marsa Sicla”, “Borgo Rio Favara”

Our private taxi transfer services are regulated by public transport laws.
Our vehicles are licensed and registered for hire with driver, transport personnel it has specific certifications and qualifications that make it industry professionals with experience and training to give offer the service up to expectations.

? We provide an emergency number (available 24/7) and the direct mobile telephone number of the driver assigned to you.
Your driver is equipped to monitor your arrival in real time and will wait for you outside the gate with a sign with your name and will accompany you to your car or van and will help with your luggage.

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